Mana Organics

Established in November 2015 by John Grams and Avantika Jalan, Mana USA is an innovative tea company that brings you the finest Assam teas that have a long family heritage and a great social mission.

Mana USA directly sources its tea from the award winning, organic tea estate Chota Tingrai. Chota Tingrai is famous for highest quality, organic black tea, and is making a name for itself in green tea innovation. We work with garden management to ensure fair and equal opportunity to all and continue to improve our social welfare systems to create a progressive, self-sustaining, strong community. Learn more about our social projects here.

Additionally, Mana USA supports several social and environmentally sustainable projects in rural India.  We work closely with small tea growers in Assam to help them improve their tea cultivation practice and increase their incomes.

By buying Mana USA, you not only enjoy a great cup of tea, but also support tea growing communities, organic producers, and the environment.