Burma Superstar restaurants have been credited with popularizing Burmese cuisine outside of Myanmar and have achieved cult-status in the SF Bay Area.  As an extension of our restaurants and our love for all things Burma, Burma Love Natural Foods Company brings Burma-inspired food products and Fermented Tea Leaves inspired natural food products to our customers.  We hope to offer authentic foods that are natural, healthy, plant based, ethnic, fermented and tea based and strive to make our products more readily available and accessible to those who wish to enjoy them more frequently without having to wait in line or having to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Our “Laphet” (fermented tea leaves) is used as a basis for our creating award-winning salads and condiments in our restaurants. The laphet is made with tender organic green tea buds that have been hand-picked and fermented by farmers in the mountains of Burma (Myanmar). 

We work with farmers in a special tea growing region of Burma where their earthy flavor notes are a reflection of the rich terroir. We helped these farmers to create a co-op and get organic certification. These leaves are naturally fermented underground for up to six months creating a unique and authentic taste with delicious umami-rich flavor that is savory and energizing and loaded with potent variety of antioxidants.